My partner (who has an Italian-German American background) has learned to make adobo, and it's very good -- it's also very much his own; and I think that's the beauty of adobo -- it's very adaptable, from Peruvians who cook pork adobo in a clay pot, to Spaniards who rub adobo spices into big hunks of smoked pork loin, to Filipinos' vinegary stew. I looked it up online to try to find the source of Philippine adobo; it really does look like it's indigenous, but the colonizers saw that it resembled Spanish or Portuguese adobo, so that named it that. How did we lose the Philippine name for it? It must be in our collective memory somewhere. . . Anyway -- nice to see Leny Strobel's poem (she's a friend of mine!) and thanks for posting this --I happened to read it just after eating adobo!

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